In 2012 Think Etiquette Friday not Casual Friday

By Angela Marshall, 4th Jan 2012

Another New Year is upon us, so  it is also a good time to adapt and gradually change a few habits. As an image consultant who speaks and runs workshops on Business Etiquette, I think Casual dress is either something suited to a business or it is not and “Casual Friday” is rather dated in the current economic environment. So why not start “Etiquette Friday” where you make a point of communicating pleasantries with your colleagues. A good start would be to always use your “Ps and Qs”; the amount of people that either use them occasionally or not at all is shocking.

Suggestions to take action for Etiquette Friday:

  • Say “Good Morning” to someone in your company when first  meeting them whether walking through the office or whilst travelling in the lift.
  • Have a coffee with someone you email regarding work and get to know the person.
  • Smile as you walk around the office and say good morning or good-bye as you turn up or leave the office.
  • Ensure you thank the person that opens a door for you or open the door for them.
  • Thank people for delivering your coffee or making a sandwich when you pick them up and smile.
  • Avoid making lots of loud phone conversations on public transport  that irritate other people.
  • Walking in public, give up – eating on the move, ear pieces with  your iphone or iPod, talking loudly on your mobile which irrates other people you as pass as it ends up as you shouting in their ears as you pass them.
  • Stop playing your iPod so loudly that the person next to you also has to listen to it.
  • Don’t simply push past someone remember to say “Excuse me,  please” and then say “Thank you”.

Good manners are about being considerate to others and understanding the rules of etiquette and then applying them. We need to treat people as we wish to be treated.

Remember to give eye contact when speaking to others and “Give a smile away! A smile costs nothing but gives much. A smile creates happiness in the home and fosters goodwill in business and it is the sign of friendship”.

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