Interviews – 15 Image Breakers

By Angela Marshall, 10th Oct 2010

When people go for an interview they are expected to look their best and yet so often people forget about their image, particularly how to be well groomed. Our grooming and clothes need to  represent us in a positive way.

Image Breakers

  1.  Dirty and poorly manicured nails.
  2. Poor hygiene
  3. Dull or dry skin.
  4. Dirty or bad teeth, bad breathe.
  5. Greasy or lank hair.
  6. Clothes creased or in disrepair.
  7. Badly fitted clothes
  8. Dirty marks on clothes.
  9. Dated appearance.
  10. Incorrect underwear e.g. visible pants line.
  11. Pen in top pocket.
  12. Scruffy briefcase or knapsack
  13. Cheap plastic pen.
  14. Scuffed or unpolished shoes.
  15. Looking stern, miserable or disinterested

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