Is Men’s Stylish Look Revived? Plus 7 Suit Tips

By Angela Marshall, 15th Feb 2011

Is men’s stylish look revived? At last we may well see young men dressed in suits and wearing ties rather than jeans showing their underwear and looking like they were caught short in the loo.

More suits are being purchased as well as shirts and ties and many men’s boutiques are increasing their formal wear range. This can be for several reasons, job hunting, attending interviews, the new fashion on the catwalks. The recent Autumn Winter catwalks in Milan and Paris had double breasted suits, shirts with white collars plus the less formal was layering of fine sweaters under jackets. The heritage fabric tweed may well be popular which will give a different twist if you want a more modern look.

The film and TV programmes also make an impact so “The King’s Speech” and “Mad Men” are encouraging a more stylish 1940s and 50s look.

Jay Kay, singer of the group Jamiroquai, looked very dandy and great in his suit, shirt, tie and black shiny shoes on BBC Breakfast a few weeks ago. Many of the groups are wearing suits as part of their brand.

7 Tips to think about when purchasing a suit:

  1. Choose a style that flatters you, consider-  high or low button jacket, vents –  none, single or double
  2. Choose a shade of colour that compliments your complexion and enhances your natural colouring
  3. Choose patterns that are in proportion to your frame
  4. Consider alterations – ensure the sleeves and trousers length are correct
  5. Buy the best quality you can afford, 100% wool is the best
  6. Ensure trousers fits correctly on the waist
  7. The jacket is a correct fit having it checked on shoulders, back and arms length

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