Keeping Your Style on Holiday

By Angela Marshall, 21st Dec 2011

During the holiday season is an opportunity to relax and chill out and wear relaxed style clothes. However, it is not the time to look scruffy and unkempt. Ensure you look good for your partner, family and friends.  It is an ideal time to have the right image and make an effort to look your best,  for the most important people in your life.

It is important you dress to suit your wardrobe personality so you are comfortable and feel good. When you look good you will also feel good and people will react to you in a more positive way.  Dress sloppy and you attitude will be more sloppy. Dress to suit the occasion whether it is relaxing at home, going for a walk, down the pub with friends or out for a nice meal.  It is key to have your clothes fitting you well and that you are clean, tidy and presentable. This includes your hair, nails and shoes.

Last of all smile, be happy, make the most of the break and have a great time!

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