Knives are out as diners choose to eat with one hand

By Angela Marshall, 21st Jul 2009

I read an article in the Evening Standard  last night how people are using forks and no knives. No doubt due to eating more ready meals and take aways. 

Sadly manners are deteriorating in this country as families eat less together and at the table. Yet poor manners can let you done at interviews as well as when entertaining clients or mxing in a social environment – Good manners may not be commented on but bad manners do not get forgotten. Good manners will also open doors as people like dealing with well mannered people. Companies regularly ask me to include etiquette and manners in my presentations and workshops due to the poor manners their staff have particularly when entertaining or mixing with clients.

Summer holidays are a good time to practise good social skills with your children as I mentioned in a previous blog – Manners and Social Skills for Kids  2009/06/28 .  Children are not born with good manners they learn from their family, teachers and observe other people. We can all relax our manners but we need to know how and when to use good etiquette.

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