Learn from our Mistakes

By Angela Marshall, 25th Apr 2014

Newcastle United v Manchester United - Premier League

There have been lots of comments, opinions and views in the media recently on Moyes being sacked as the manager of Manchester United. We can all make mistakes, this is how we develop and learn; fortunately though most of us do not make the headlines of a national newspaper. By trying different experiences and going outside our comfort zone there can be great positives whilst on the other hand there can be some negatives. It is these negatives that help us grow and develop whether it’s to become a better person, manager or parent.

We must learn from our mistakes and move on when things go wrong.  Continuing to try new and different things opens our eyes.

Our work environment constantly changes so we need to learn and adapt to keep up to date with new technology, services and needs of the business and our customers.

Here are my suggestions on learning in life:

  1. Accept mistakes – accept failure it helps our personal growth.
  2. Learn from mistakes – find out what went wrong and why
  3. Control perfectionism – looking to be perfect all the time can cause disappointment. Understand trying and failing is part of learning.
  4. Manage failure – Successful people manage failure.  Give yourself permission to fail and learn and move on. Think positively.
  5. Keep your composure – don’t lose your temper or get bad tempered, try to stay calm.
  6. Give yourself time – it is important to take some time to reflect on the situation.  Allow your emotions to heal and learn to build up some resilience.
  7. Listen to other people’s views, when constructive – often the very people that cannot do the role or have the knowledge complain the most. Ignore rude and unhelpful comments as often they do not have the full facts. Take the opportunity to stand back and to be even more determined to achieve your goal.

Good luck and remember it is important to try and do something new outside your comfort zone.


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