Looking Professional at Work When Pregnant

By Angela Marshall, 23rd Jan 2013

As an image consultant, I am often asked for advice on what to wear to work when you are pregnant and when you return to work from maternity leave. Over the next few weeks my blogs will give you some advice on these subjects:

  1. How to Look Professional at Work When Pregnant
  2. 12 Top Tips for a Pregnant Women’s Wardrobe
  3. Returning to Work After Maternity Leave

How to Look Professional at Work When Pregnant

What to wear to work when you are pregnant depends on what you normally wear for business, your lifestyle and also the different stages of your pregnancy.

Even when pregnant women have different body shapes, different size and shape bumps, busts and bums. What is vital is that you buy items of clothes that are comfortable, practical for your job and that fit in with your budget.

Early Stage

At first you are able to wear your normal clothes. Then gradually your clothes start to feel tight and you have to leave the top button undone on your skirts and trousers. You can wear loose tops that are supposed to be worn untucked. You can, also, loop a rubber band through the buttonhole and then wrap it around the button. This will provide an extra inch or two. On the other hand you may prefer to wear dresses that are loose at the waist e.g. empire line styles. Dresses are very fashionable at present so there are several styles to choose from to find one that suits you.

Maternity Wear

Eventually you reach the stage when you need to purchase maternity clothes. Some simple classic mix and match items are ideal e.g. a few elasticated waist skirts or trousers that are larger than your normal size. You can decide you may like to buy low rise that you can wear underneath your belly. Long tops can work well when you are at the awkward stage and can compliment trousers. They can be worn with long skirts, although it will depend on how tall you are and whether you have long legs, otherwise you may look rather short and squat. Alternatively, lots of maternity wear have waistbands that can be expanded as you grow, so you could purchase items as soon as your reach this stage, ensuring they are able to stretch as you do.  If you are buying especially designed maternity wear make sure you buy your regular size to ensure a proper fit.

Again dresses are very fashionable and can be ideal when they are loose around the middle. They may fit until the bump becomes very large when a larger size may be ideal.

Ensure you keep your belly covered at work as it can make others uncomfortable and is unprofessional. Consider having a selection of camis, tank tops or t-shirts to wear under whatever top you are wearing each day.

Remember! You may not feel 100% everyday but it is important to be looking your best to help you to be positive, confident and it will help you to feel happy by visualizing your healthy baby inside your womb.

Next week I will give “12 Top Tips for a Pregnant Women’s Wardrobe.”

Picture credit:http://www.cravematernity.co.uk/essential-maternity-clothes-for-the-office/


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