Looking the Part Helps Us to Achieve Career Success

By Angela Marshall, 8th Sep 2012

We live in a competitive world where giving the right first impression can make the difference between being taken seriously or not. Within the first few seconds we all subconsciously make a judgement about one another.  It is, therefore, vitally important we  “look the part.”’

Looking the Part

When we look the part we command attention, stand out from the crowd and look successful.  This helps us achieve success  and respect whether from our clients, colleagues or bosses. Just think how James Bond, despite the various actors in all the films, stands out and people notice him. We can also stand out from the crowd for the wrong reasons when we get it wrong and end up looking unsuccessful, lacking in confidence. This can lead to missing a promotion or losing business and respect from our collagues and bosses.

Actors often say “When you put on the right clothes it helps you to become the part”.  Always think about ‘your part’ when deciding which clothes you are going to wear.

What do you need to think about:

  • What kind of business do I represent and what is the company’s brand.
  • What is my wardrobe personality type e.g. classic, chic, creative, dramatic – dress to suit my personality and still reflect the divison of the company I represent.
  • What is the occasion e.g. an important meeting which needs an authoritative look or friendly and approchable for networking, then dress in the style and colours of clothes to suit you and the occasion.
  • Ensure you are well groomed.
  • Walk in with confidence and have positive body language.

Finally remember to smile.

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