Luxury Eyewear for Men – Hot Picks for Spring/Summer 2013

By Angela Marshall, 15th Mar 2013



Luxury Eyewear

In the hope our early enthusiasm may hurry some bright weather along, we take a peak at what sunglasses you should be eyeing up for the season ahead – exclusively for the Angela Marshall blog.
To concur with some of Angela’s own posts, the overriding factor when selecting your eyewear, is to feel comfortable in everything you wear. At the same time, it’s equally important to strike that balance between finding a piece that really excites you, and being able to comfortably wear and feel yourself in it.

For Men – Hot Picks for Spring/Summer 2013

For the Guys, where better to start than with James Bond…




1) This Aviator from Tom Ford as worn in the recent Skyfall movie is an instant classic. Distinguished and refined; it looks the part in Hollywood and will look the part on holiday.



2) It takes a certain type of gentleman to pull off a man bag. If that man isn’t you, these folding classic Persol sunglasses are just the ticket. The design is well tailored and very slick, and allows the frame to collapse into a pocket size case. Nifty.


3) There are only so many ways most men can alter their usual style of eyewear, and texture is now one of them. “Italia Independent” offer some great variations of the classic wayfarer style, with the use of corduroy and velvet. It really shouldn’t work. But actually it does; and very well.




4) Dior Homme have produced a limited collection of sunglasses that are possibly the most comfortable I have worn to date. They are extremely lightweight (titanium), very well tailored, and feel very Dior. Luxury as standard.




5) Céline are fairly unseasoned in eyewear terms. The collection feels very fresh and represents original and distinct designs, headed by these. Preppy,  vintage and an early masterstroke from Céline.

Information supplied by Alistair at Luxury Eyewear Boutique, Eyesite. For further information, questions or comments, please visit or call Alistair on 01482 845651. Alistair is also available on twitter, @MrEyewear.

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