Luxury Eyewear for Women for Spring/Summer 2013

By Angela Marshall, 15th Mar 2013

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Luxury Eyewear

In the hope our early enthusiasm may hurry some bright weather along, we take a peak at what sunglasses you should be eyeing up for the season ahead – exclusively for the Angela Marshall blog.
To concur with some of Angela’s own posts, the overriding factor when selecting your eyewear, is to feel comfortable in everything you wear. At the same time, it’s equally important to strike that balance between finding a piece that really excites you, and being able to comfortably wear and feel yourself in it.

Ladies Sunglasses Hot Picks for Spring/Summer 2013


1) Chanel’s  unmistakable opulence is in full effect, with the pearls on show in some  of their latest offerings. As we discussed with Angela, there are also some options of vibrant colours in Chanel’s collection to look out for too.




2) The cat eye trend is  firmly back on top of it’s game, and there are varying degrees of ‘extremities’  in this style from each designer. From a pool of Tom Ford, Fendi, Chanel and  company, we plucked a piece from Celebrity favourites “Dita”. Its everything this shape should be – big, bold and feline.



3) The aviator is  perhaps the most iconic sunglasses style in history. Jewellery and Luxury brand  Chopard have reworked the style, to produce a masterfully crafted and stunning  piece, further warranting their superior Jewellery status.


4) This piece from  Bvlgari’s recent release, is their eyewear offering as part of the serpentine  collection seen throughout the jewellery and accessory lines. These sunglasses  certainly have a distinctive ‘bite’ along the arms, but without little venom on the front – making these an extremely easy wear.


5) For the quirkier  preference, brand of the moment Lanvin have produced a super cool and very  directional piece in this, a much rounder shape. They have also produced a  bigger, and slightly softer version (if this model is a little radical for  your palette). We love them both!

Information supplied by Alistair at Luxury Eyewear Boutique, Eyesite. For further information, please visit or call Alistair on 01482 845651. Alistair is also available on twitter, @MrEyewear.

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