Manners on the BBC – The Voice and Queen’s Visit

By Angela Marshall, 10th Jun 2013 – what were you doing?  No respect and no manners!

So, rather than tell your Team who was going through to the next round preferred to keep them waiting and “tweet” it to his followers first.

We all love to take pictures when attending a great occasion or tweeting about something exciting. But on Friday evening on the “The Voice,” found it more important to tweet who he was saving for the next round rather than tell the three people involved face to face. The message he was giving to me was that his followers and fans were more important and needed to be posted first so he can gain more followers, rather than showing respect and consideration to his team. In the future the Producer should ban him from using his phone whilst on air.

When the Queen recently visited the new BBC building many of the staff chose to take photos on their phones and later tweet them. It should be an occasion to show how much people enjoy meeting her Majesty and to behave with courtesy, giving full attention and eye contact to her. The Queen is always very graceful and this was a time to show respect to her, particularly as an older person who is unlikely to be regularly using social media herself. Read the article in the Sunday Mail.

Even in the modern era of technology we should not forget the feelings and thoughts of other people we are with. Good manners are about showing respect and consideration to others.

The BBC seems to have forgotten British manners.

Choose Team next time?  Not if you want manners and consideration!!

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