Manners – When at the Cinema, Concerts or Theatre

By Angela Marshall, 1st Nov 2013


I have stopped attending concerts, in certain places, as there doesn’t seem to be any control on ensuring people sit down for the ones behind them to see the show. Take for example when I went to see Janet Jackson at The Royal Albert Hall. I paid for the best seats and was 6 rows from the front. Usually stages are raised, but on this occasion it was set too low and then the people in front of us put their phones or cameras on video and held them up.  The result was we couldn’t see the performance.

I can understand people standing up and dancing with the music, towards the end of the show, but regularly blocking people’s view behind is not good. Even when you ask them politely to hold cameras low or sit they just ignore you. You paid to see the performance but remember so did other people.

7 tips on What To Do:

  1. Respect other people’s space and view
  2. Turn off your phone unless taking photos
  3. Avoid blocking other people’s view, at least for more than a few seconds, when taking photos
  4. When taking a video ensure you are not spoiling other people enjoying the performance
  5. Don’t make a noise with food wrappers, particularly in the cinema or at a quiet performance
  6. Do not talk, whisper if needed
  7. If you’re tall, be aware of how high you sit in your seat as you need to be conscious of others behind you

It is a great pleasure seeing a live performance or going to the cinema, you want to enjoy it, but ensure you do not spoil it for others.

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