Meals with The Family

By Angela Marshall, 18th Feb 2010

According to the Daily Mail traditional family routines could stop children becoming obese. Eating dinner with the family, getting lots of sleep and watching less TV cuts the risk.

Eating dinner as a family not only encourages better nutrition and regular family meals but it also is a  way of keeping track of what youngsters are eating and identifying any eating disorders.

It will also improve table manners and communication skills. Parents will find it much easier to communicate with their children and find out what they are doing and what interests and excites them. It will help children in later life as well as broaden their outlook, as they learn to  exchange ideas, have conversation and feelings with each other. Family meals are about bonding, they give a child confidence and teach them how to behave with others.

When children become adults and start a job and need to socialise with colleagues and bosses they will be more confident knowing how to communicate and will be self-assured with how to behave and confident with their table manners. This in turn helps them in their careers.

Why not eat together as a family every Friday , check out your manners as I call it Etiquette Friday . This will give you the opportunity to practise your table manners and see how well your communicate with each other as a family.

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