Messages & Voicemail

By Angela Marshall, 5th Feb 2015

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Leaving Messages

A variety of people have left messages for me to call back and increasingly I have noticed that I can hardly catch the person’s name as they speak quickly and not very clearly. It then takes me several re-runs to obtain the correct information. Plus they often leave an incorrect number, particularly if it is a mobile. Luckily I can recall the details on my landline as well as on my mobile. Although some numbers do not show.

Messages and Voicemail

Voicemail can be very efficient and save time, however it doesn’t mean we need to forget our manners. Telephone messages are personal and your voice gives a lot away about yourself, through the tone, pitch and accent of your voice.

Tips for leaving and receiving a voice message :

  1. Answer message – ensure you are smiling and speak with energy, so you sound enthusiastic and friendly.
  2. Return calls – always return calls as soon as possible.
  3. Speak slowly and clearly – allow time for the person to hear your message and repeat numbers when leaving details.
  4. Identify yourself – give your name and if necessary your company and department, when you’re on the receiving end of a phone call.
  5. Personalize the conversation – and always be polite, whether leaving a message or answering a message. A telephone manner is very much part of our personal image and being polite and courteous is crucial in building up good relationships whether in business or in our personal lives. It shows respect.

Allow for People Hard of Hearing

Slow down it is important for people who may be hard of hearing, they may not be deaf, but may not hear as well as you plus people need time to register what you are saying.

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