Our Wardrobe Personality Influences How Many Shoes We Own

By Angela Marshall, 10th May 2011

Some people own only a few pairs of shoes, whilst others cannot seem to have enough. My experience has taught me that the amount and the styles of shoes we choose, more than anything else, are influenced by our wardrobe personality. Friends and family may persuade us to purchase a different shirt/blouse, tie, jumper or dress, etc, but with shoes, it is a different matter.  We are unlikely to be persuaded if we are not happy with the colour or style. Some of us will put comfort over everything whilst others will put up with discomfort for style and look.

Example of Wardrobe Personalities

Casual personalities are inclined to purchase practical and comfortable shoes in neutral colours.  Romantic personalities will like lots of shoes, often in various colours and with some detail. A Dramatic or Fashion Fad will like the latest styles and want brands such as Jimmy Choo, Prada or Gucci or replicas if these are not within their budget. A Classic person will go for black or brown traditional styles that will last and tone in with their outfit – nothing fussy.

Whatever our wardrobe personality and as with all clothing we need to avoid buying shoes that we will not wear and will only sit in the back of the wardrobe. So next time you shop think:

  1. When and where will I wear these shoes?
  2. Will I find them uncomfortable to wear?
  3. CPW (cost per wear) – this is essential.  If they are expensive, will I wear them a lot? If yes, then on a CPW basis they will have become cheap by the time I finish wearing them – good value. Whereas even if they cost less, if they are a shoe I do not wear much they will ultimately become a more expensive shoe!

Looking and feeling good from head to toe is a great confidence booster. Whether wearing a casual, fashionable or classic shoe, in plain or colours, paying close attention to even the smallest detail makes an enormous difference to our overall impression. Take particular care with colour-coordinating and matching shoes with our outfit. What we wear reflects our own unique personal style and shows the world who we are and what type of personality we have.

If you want to know more about your wardrobe personality, I suggest you read, “Being Truly You – Discovering Your Own unique Wardrobe Personality”. There is a questionnaire, description of ten wardrobe personality types and a section on brands to suit your personality. As an image consultant, I wrote these books to help people understand why they like some styles and not others and feel happy showing the world who they truly are.

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