Politicians – Their Personal Image and Brand

By Angela Marshall, 2nd Oct 2013


David Cameron speech





Ed Miliband






Over the last month I have listened to many of the politicians talking at their party conferences and to the media. Ever since I was in my teens I have taken an interest in politics.

In business people judge you within the first 3 – 5 seconds; subconsciously they are thinking – Do I like you, Do I trust you and Do I want to do business with you?  What politicians do you like, trust and want to do business with? Not many. How many politicians listen rather than talk at you. You feel like saying to them – God gave you 2 ears and 1 mouth, please use them in this order.

To understand the general public they must listen, observe and then decide what they think is the best for the country not what is going to be popular. Admittedly, it is a hard job being in politics you cannot please everyone and you are not often appreciated. However, this is supposed to be why a politician has gone into politics – to make a difference.

Certainly over the last week we have seen that David Cameron and Ed Miliband have different views and opinions. Their style is very different, but I would say both were well groomed, neat, tidy and well presented. Are they like this all the time, certainly in Parliament when in work. Leaders of all businesses need to lead by example – creating a good personal image.  It always starts at the top and works down. Let’s hope that some of the Members of Parliament take note of this!

Finally, do we really want to see the wives and partners dressed up in High Street fashion and looking shy and obedient as the dutiful partner? Denis Thatcher and Norma Major stood by their partner and leader, but looked more like the supportive partner and yet a person in their own right too.



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