Poppy Etiquette to Commemorate Remembrance Day

By Angela Marshall, 26th Oct 2013



The poppy is a nationally treasured emblem, in commemoration of those who lost their lives in conflict, and following tradition, in support of the Royal British Legion’s appeal, it is worn annually in the days leading up to Armistice Day.

Each year the nation shows its support for their work through the Poppy Appeal. Every poppy helps support the British Armed Forces past and present, and their families. The Royal family, politicians and television presenters amongst many of the public, will all be seen wearing poppies.

Poppy Etiquette

When to Wear a Poppy

Generally poppies should be worn from November 1 until Remembrance Day (traditionally referred to as Armistice Day) on November 11. However there has been a debate for the last few years as politicians and television presenters seem to be wearing them earlier. The main point is that they should not be worn before The Royal British Legion Launch them as it will show it has not been purchased this year. This year The Royal British Legion Poppy Appeal was launched nationally on Thursday October 24.  Poppies should be removed by November 12, which makes the official Remembrance Day the last day you wear them – November 11.

Which side to Wear the Poppy

The poppy is traditionally worn on the left-hand side of your jacket, coat, shirt or top. This means that the poppy is on the same side as your heart. Both the Royal Canadian Legion and the Royal British Legion have stated that the side on which you wear the poppy does not matter, merely that you wear it shows respect. However, I recommend the left side, if possible, not to offend anyone. A poppy has become a great tradition as a lasting symbol of remembrance to those who have fallen in conflict. It is a wonderful way of showing our support to those who have served in the British Armed Forces. It should be worn with pride.

Poppies and various products can be obtained from the Royal British Legion Shop

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