Remember Your Manners at the Office Party

By Angela Marshall, 1st Dec 2010

Office parties, lunches or dinners, are a  great opportunity to socialise and to have the chance to get to know your colleagues and bosses on a more personal basis  and promote your personal image. However, it can also be the time when you can blow your reputation by misbehaving.  Bad behaviour can affect your relationships with your colleagues and your promotional prospects with your bosses.

What to consider:

Have a good appearance, choose something that compliments you and your wardrobe personality,  but remember you are still with your office people, so be polite and courteous to everyone.

10 Don’ts

  1. Wear inappropriate outfits – too revealing, old out of date party outfits, badly fitted items
  2. Be too early or too late
  3. Over indulge in alcohol
  4. Overeat and find you are ill
  5. Tittle-tattle about your bosses or colleagues
  6. Become too familiar with your bosses or colleagues and then be embarrassed afterwards or embarrass them
  7. Spend time on your mobile
  8. Use the camera at inappropriate scenes
  9. The last to leave unless in a group
  10. Be rude – be courteous and do not interrupt or talk too much. Never talk down to people

7  Table Manners Reminders

  1. Sit upright at the table
  2. Your drink is on the right and bread plate is on the left
  3. Use cutlery from outside in
  4. Offer to pass items to people either side of you
  5. Do not stretch over people
  6. Do not eat too quickly or loudly
  7. Don’t talk with your mouth full

Always thank the organiser and host, they will apprecaite it as they put a lot of effort into organising the event.

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