Reminders of Some Office Party Etiquette

By Angela Marshall, 3rd Dec 2013


It will soon be the time for office parties and a good time to give you a few reminders on how important it is not to let yourself down during the celebrations. Some of us love Christmas parties whilst others wish they didn’t have to go. Think positively and remember it is a good time to socialise with your colleagues and get to know them in a more relaxed atmosphere.

10 tips to consider:

  1. Ensure you leave your work at the office, avoid talking about it
  2. Make an effort to look good and dress appropriately for the event e.g. casual informal, formal evening, cocktail
  3. Make conversation with people you don’t know or normally don’t chat to
  4. Turn your mobile off or put it on silent and avoid looking at it in public!
  5. If partners are included ensure you introduce them and help them to enjoy it and feel part of the event
  6. Avoid taking photos of embarrassing situations of colleagues, it is not in good spirit or polite
  7. Remember other people take photos!
  8. As a boss ensure you mingle with all staff
  9. As a member of staff do talk to your bosses, it’s a good time to show your social skills
  10. Thank the organisers as they will appreciate it and it shows good manners

Drinking Alcohol

The days of people getting roaring drunk are not really acceptable any more. In fact they have never been a good idea. People who do not drink very much, particularly in normal circumstances, can make the mistake of not noticing how big a glass of  wine is and the alcohol strength of the wine. It is important to be careful in checking out the strength and volume of your drink. If you start to feel light headed then slow down or stop and ensure you eat something. There is nothing worse than drinking alcohol on an empty stomach.

Finally, to enjoy yourself, start by looking and feeling good.  Go home at the end of the event knowing you did a good job at socialsing with your bosses and colleagues and that you can face the next day with confidence. If you make an error then ensure you apologise to the person or people the next day and move on.

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