Revamp and Update Your Wardrobe with Unused items

By Angela Marshall, 25th Apr 2012

When you have a clear out of your wardrobe, before you decided to get rid of the items on eBay or to a charity, why not consider revamping or modernising the items. Small amendments can change or update a garment to make it much more suited to your figure or update it for this season.

It could be the colour doesn’t suit you, then consider dying the item or looking to see what other garments you could wear with it to change the look e.g. add a scarf; turn a dress into a top and add a different colour trousers or skirt; amend the neckline. Work out what is wrong with the garment and how it can be adjusted. A good tailor or seamstress is worth their weight in gold to ensure your clothes fit you well, but they can also give you ideas on how clothes can be adjusted.

Remember to apply this to items you keep but never wear, consider why not, and think of adjusting them to suit your personality and  lifestyle.  I have just sorted my 88 year old mother’s wardrobe. She has shrunk over the years, but some adjustments have given her some great items. She is also wearing some of my classic items that I no longer wear after having had them adjusted.

As an image consultant I sort many wardrobes, so here are some of my tips for revamping your wardrobe:

10 Tips on revamping an item

  1. Change Jeans to shorts or cropped jeans
  2. Convert jeans to a hippie skirt
  3. Cut the sleeves, make them into 3/4 sleeve or ruffle sleeves
  4. Add a band of fabric from another garment in a different colour
  5. Buy some lace, glitter or fancy trim to change the look
  6. Add some fur to sleeves, necklines or old boots
  7. Shorten, change to diagonal or amend the hem
  8. Add a waist, adjust the waist to Empire line or shorten the length.
  9. Change a Round neck line to a V neckline
  10. Change buttons to a different colour

Making the most of your garments saves money as well as being good for the environment!

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