Ryder Cup Teams – Good Style, Good Grooming, Good Etiquette

By Angela Marshall, 2nd Oct 2014

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Ryder Cup Etiquette and Manners

You may notice my logo includes “Good Style, Good Grooming, Good Etiquette”. Last weekend was a great sporting event – The Ryder Cup. It is a wonderful event with great rapport and friendliness from the teams and also enthusiastic engagement from the crowd. It is a fantastic example of how you need to look the part, think the part and play the part.

Both the American and European teams all looked professional in their team kits and were all well groomed. Examples of the teams and crowds good etiquette and manners were:

Team Players

  • Quiet when the player was about to tee off
  • When the game started and finished the players shook hands with their opponent, caddy and referee
  • At completion of the game each player straight away took their caps off before offering their handshakes
  • If the score meant a match finished before the 18th the game was not confirmed as completed until the players shook hands
  • Players on both sides conceded putts to their opponent rather than complete the hole if it was pretty obvious the player would make the shot to win the hole

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The Crowd 

  • The crowds were quiet when a player was about to tee off (except for Bubba Watson and Ian Poulter, who openly encouraged noisy support)
  • Cheered when a player did a great shot, whether it was  an American or European (maybe a bit louder for the home team)
  • Allowed space for players to play when out of bounds
  • Quickly moved and showed where the ball was when it landed near them

It is a true sporting event where players showed respect to their opponents and yet played to win without any hostility or rudeness. Both captains congratulated their counterpart and all the players.

Not many sports are so gracious. It would be welcome to see footballers learn from their example (no more diving!).

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