Sale Time – Only buy a Bargain You will Wear

By Angela Marshall, 24th Jun 2014

Make the Most of the Sales



Buying Clothes in the Sales

It’s sale time and the time of year when lots of items are on offer. Don’t be tempted to buy something you will only wear once or will be left at the back of the wardrobe. It’s easy to be tempted by a low price tag and end up with clothes that you will probably never wear.It is an ideal time to purchase an item you loved prior to the sales but could not afford, however when reduced you can and will wear it a lot. It’s good to stock up on key items e.g. quality shoes, bags, neutral colour tops, skirts or trousers. It’s also ideal, in the sales, to purchase quality accessories particularly for business e.g. belt, shoes, jewellery or scarves.

Remember C.P.W. – cost per wear

It’s no good buying an item for £50 you only wear once – it will cost £50, whereas a jacket for £150 worn 100 times will cost £1.50 per wear.

Some top tips to consider when shopping in the Sales:

  1. End of sales – you can  pick up a great bargain at the end of the sale e.g. end of January/early February or end of July/early August in the UK and get a month or two’s worth of wear before it’s time to change your wardrobe.
  2. Dress appropriately – Wear sensible shoes and in cooler weather wear a light weight coat.
  3. Plan – think what you need in your wardrobe before you go, have some ideas.
  4. Shop early – avoid the rush; the internet is a great way to check items out early. Sign up to newsletters during sale time to get the latest offers.
  5. Mix and Match – think of at least three different occasions you can wear the item; how often and with what clothes you already have that it will go with.
  6. Price influenced – Do you really like it or are you tempted by the reduction in price? Love it madly, need it badly or do not buy it!
  7. Keep receipts – Carefully store the receipt when you purchase, you may need to return the item.

Wardrobe Personality

Ensure you feel comfortable in the item and are not influenced by a family or friend who is with you. The material may not be your personality e.g. your friend may like linen whereas you don’t like the feel and hate it creasing.


Ensure the item fits you well or if you need alterations allow for the extra cost, if you cannot do it yourself.

Happy Shopping! Have fun, get a great bargain and enjoy!

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