Serious Times Serious Clothes – The Suit is Back

By Angela Marshall, 23rd Aug 2011

As an image consultant, I am noticing more interest from men and women wanting to purchase suits and wishing to understand what styles and colours will best suit them. With the world economy in a fragile state, the uncertainty of the stock market and the concern of employment people are looking to smarten up in work. Tailors have never been so busy and many small retailer shops are going back to selling suits rather than the casual wear.

It is vital you look your best. If you cannot care about your appearance then it is an indication then you don’t care about others, so therefore you cannot expect others to care about you. You need to look as though you mean business, look professional and reliable.

The style of suit should compliment your body shape and bring out your best features. It is important that you ensure the suit fits perfectly – the chest, shoulders, waist, length of sleeve and trousers. Buy the best quality of wool you can afford, so it looks good and will last.

Pick shirts and ties that mix and match to change your look and the collar style  to compliment your face shape. Your accessories should also be of the best quality you can afford. Buy belts in the sale; a top quality belt makes an average pair of trousers look better quality, whereas a cheap belt will cheapen a more expensive trouser. Wear cufflinks to look stylish and a great way to express your wardrobe personality. It has become fashionable to wear a pocket square, again this will depend on your personality and which fold you choose – multi-point, triangular  or puff.

When you look the part, you will think the part and people will believe you are the part!

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