Shopping for Clothes – Are Men Getting as Interested as Women?

By Angela Marshall, 27th Mar 2014

shutterstock_179569031People seem to think women are far more interested in shopping and buying clothes than men, particularly in the United Kingdom. Yet over the 18 years I have been an image consultant , with equally as many men as women clients, I have found that a lot depends on the person’s age, profession and most importantly their wardrobe personality.

Over the last decade, we have seen an increase in fashion brands of clothes for men and department stores have created a lot more space for men to shop for a variety of clothes and accessories. The ease of shopping on the internet has also helped to make it quicker and easier to shop.

With busier lives for women, juggling their time between running a home, children needing a taxi service for attending a variety of hobbies and part or full time working their leisure time has become more valuable and therefore they do not always want to clothes shop. Again this depends on their personality.

Larger Variety of Clothes needed for Women

Also, to be fair to women we need to have a larger variety of items e.g. a man attending a wedding or a ball can wear the same suit or dinner jacket whether or not he has worn it before, whilst a woman has to consider is a new outfit required, what type of occasion – the outfit, a hat needed, what accessories including no tights or tights and what colour.

In general the difference in the shopping:


  • Are more focused on what they want and what works best for their lifestyle
  • Will look at colour and how it reacts to their face rather than what they fancy
  • Are more set in their ways and stick to the same brands and colours
  • Are impatient and want to shop quickly not browse
  • Like bargains in the sale


  • Like to see what choices are in the stores
  • Like to look at different brands
  • Go by colours they fancy
  • Buy at regular intervals
  • Shop for an immediate occasion

Do you enjoy shopping for clothes? If not, then understand what brands suit your body shape and use the internet to see what items are available, what colours and styles are in fashion that season. Finally, use mobile apps for checking out which items are in stores or on the internet.


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  1. Faiz Ismail says:

    These are some of the real studies about clothes shopping. This is the real debate who does shop most? This chiffon dress suits well for women.

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