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By Angela Marshall, 17th Oct 2013

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Knowing the Best Time to Shop

Since becoming a trained image consultant and helping people to shop I have recognised the best time to shop isn’t always the same for everyone. Understanding when is the best time to shop can save you time, money and get you a better choice. The time to shop can vary according to your wardrobe personality and lifestyle. A casual personality type does not like spending and will always try to go when they hear there are sales. Fashion fads will go all the time looking for the latest fashion, resulting in too many clothes that they do not wear.

I myself, for example, like to shop in September and April/May. Why? It is easier to find my colours in these seasons, especially Autumn. I have very warm toned skin and my colouring is also soft and light, so bright cool colours plus dark colours are not best for me. I avoid winter and summer when buying key and classic items for my wardrobe.

Fabrics – My favourite fabrics are available in Autumn – jersey, cashmere, wool mix, cotton. They are not too heavy or too light, keep me warm as I feel the cold and do not crease. I can also wear them most of the year. You may prefer linen, light cotton, in which case summer is a better season for you to shop in.

Many people shop when they need something or have an event and often it is the end of season, so they cannot find their size and there is very little choice. It is much better to plan your wardrobe for each season and know what you need. Check out my blogs on How to have a great Wardrobe for Everyday Needs.

Small budget – for business clothes, especially men, you can buy shirts, ties, shoes, accessories (belts, cufflinks, and scarves) and suits in the sale. For women – shoes, tops, extra items to add to your existing wardrobe plus accessories (scarves, jewellery, and lingerie) are good sale items. The ideal time for buying better quality, than you would normally afford.  Do not wait until then if you know you need items during the main season. You will not get the choice you normally can early in the season.

CPW – think cost per wear, if you bought something early in the season at full price but by the sale have worn it loads then cost per wear may well work out cheaper.

New season clothes vary and seem to be arriving earlier and earlier in the shops, but in general the autumn and in between season arrives end of August/early September; winter items arrive October; spring- March/April and summer the end of April/May.

Sales – due to the difficult time for the retail industry there have been mid season sales and all types of offers. The main season usually starts 26th December – mid January and Mid June and July. The very end of sales is always worth looking at for items you cannot afford at full price. You may well get a bargain. I often purchase jackets that I know will go with lots of items and are more expensive than I wish to pay, at the end of sales.

On Line Shopping – this is a quick and easy way to shop and signing up for my newsletter will keep you informed about when they have offers and sales. Often brands will give a discount for 24 hours. It is also a good way to check out items you would like to add to your wardrobe and then be prepared to wait for the offers.

Key Reminders:

  • Know the season for the best colours that suit you.
  • What season of clothes you like the best.
  • What brands and shops you like and sign up for their newsletter.
  • Keep a note or ask the sales people when they generally have sales.

Happy Shopping!

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