Shops Have New Season Autumn Clothes on a Hot Summer’s Day

By Angela Marshall, 23rd Jul 2013


It’s a very hot and humid day and lots of people are looking forward to their summer holidays and too many people leave it until the last minute to get their items for packing, especially men. Well, you may be too late. Many of the stores have already got their new season clothes in and only a small rail of summer clothes left in very small or larger sizes.

Marks and Spencer are certainly one of them. They have their cashmere cardigans and jumpers on display. It seems stores are receiving their new season clothes earlier and earlier. Often London is early to allow for the Middle Eastern customers who stay here in August. With so many clothes made in the Far East the shipments arrive early.

Are shops missing out on not catering for the customer who plans last minute?

It goes back to how to plan a wardrobe for your lifestyle and know to shop early in the season or know when your favourite stores have their sales plus shop more in the seasons to suit your lifestyle and to suit your colouring.

Personally I shop in September and April, as my colours are in the shops and the seasons are ideal for fabrics all year round. I top up with a few items in June for the very hot days, as I don’t have hot summer holidays.

 Need some tips for your packing for your holiday read my blog .

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