Social Etiquette Tips

By Angela Marshall, 1st Feb 2012

Manners Matter!

As part of our personal image it is important not to let ourselves down with our manners whether we are with strangers, family or friends. Over the last decade manners in public appear to have deteriorated. There is a lack of consideration for others. Avoid letting go a door when exiting a shop, speaking loudly on your mobile, having your ipod loud when listening to music or eating food on public transport and certainly not strong smelling food.

Shaking Hands – the shaking of hands originally started when men wanted to show they were unarmed. Now for centuries they have been used when greeting people. It is important to do it properly. Whether you are shaking a man or woman’s hand you should be firm enough to leave a brief impression of bodily contact but not a bone-clenching or wet fish handshake.

Social Kissing – there is some debate whether this is appropriate as it is acceptable by many as a social gesture. However, it is not the same as shaking hands and it is advisable not to kiss on the first meeting plus ensure you feel confident the person doesn’t feel it is an intrusion. If you are likely to receive a social kiss and prefer not to, it is advisable to stand quite upright and at a distance. Generally, a man kisses a woman on the right cheek or if skilled can manage an air kiss.

“Ps and Qs” (please and thank you )- Remember your please and thank you when being served either in a restaurant or by a shop assistant.

Driving a car– it is amazing how even the politest of people can turn into a fiend once they are behind a wheel. Always be patient and courteous to other drivers. Treat them how you would like to be treated.

Public Transport – always let people off a bus, tube  or train before climbing on. Be a good citizen and stand when there is an elderly person, pregnant women or a disabled person.

Manners will take you where money won’t!

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