Spring and the Season’s Colours for Clothes

By Angela Marshall, 13th Mar 2014


Spring is here

After all the rain it is great to see the sun shining and the spring flowers in blossom. Looking out on our garden I can see daffodils, crocuses, snow drops and soon we will see the tulips.


Colour is unavoidable, it affects everything we do and see. It creates a psychological as well as an emotional response. Colour is a major factor in our personal image – it affects how we look and how we feel and how people react to us. It can affect us in quite dramatic ways – our mood, our appetite, our interest. You may find some days you feel like wearing pink whilst on others its blue, this will vary according to how you feel and your mood. Often we feel like wearing red when we lack energy or wish to be more assertive, whilst we may wear black when bereaving or feel fat.

The shops are full of spring colours from sun-baked hues, cool blues and lots of bold colours to pastel shades.  Each season there are always a variety of colours and shades to choose from. The key is to choose what flatters you.

Colours to suit you

Choosing which shades of colour to wear is important as is how you mix the colours. Having analysed people’s colours for over 18 years I notice how some people can look pale and tired because they are wearing the wrong shades of colours.  You can avoid this, by learning how to mix and match colours to flatter you. You also need to understand whether you have strong tones or require softer colours that should blend in. For me Spring and Autumn are an ideal time to stock up on some new clothes as I need to wear warm soft shades and there is more choice in these seasons. I love colour and toning in my colours is important.

Tips for Choosing the Right Shades

When you go shopping or when trying items on from your wardrobe don’t just look at what colour you fancy and are in the mood to wear, also hold them up to your face. Observe how your appearance changes with the different colours.

  • Does the item make you look pale, tired or washed out?
  • Does your skin go a touch yellow or greyish in tone?

Then avoid purchasing this item, or if you already own it, think about adding some accessories e.g. scarf or jewellery that will help enhance the right colour next to your face.

Colours that compliment you will make you look younger as well as your skin look clearer, eyes brighter and give you a healthy appearance.

Wearing the correct colours near your face reflects light upwards, making you look bright -eyed and healthy.

It is well worth having a colour analysis with an image consultant or for a quick idea why not try online.

Spring Summer 2014 Colours

This season you will see:

  • Blues in shades of calm seas, open skies to traditional denim.
  • Peach to strong shades of orange (my favourite colours)
  • Duck egg to bright turquoise
  • Plus – Clay red, romantic pinks, variations of green, white, black & white



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