Suits are Back in Fashion – Tips on How to Wear One

By Angela Marshall, 7th Feb 2014

Man in suit

It seems “men in suits” are back in fashion and I love seeing a man in a suit that fits him well.¬†We are seeing 2 and 3 piece suits on many of the television entertainers; young trendy pop groups; actors as well as your usual professional business men walking around the City of London.

The question is how many look smartly dressed and like a true gentlemen – Look the part, think the part and behave the part!

To look great in a suit you need to consider the finer details. Ensure the suit fits you correctly and is comfortable. Many slim fit suits, which are in fashion, look rather too tight and snug on many people. Better to buy a larger size and have it taken in.

When shopping for a suit wear the style of shoes and shirt you intend wearing with it.

Here are some tips on what to consider when buying a suit:

  1. A good suit should hug your shoulders, not slouch off them.
  2. Ensure the jacket is the correct length – hang your arms straight and cup the jacket hem in your hands. If you cannot reach then it’s too long and it will make you look shorter.
  3. The jacket should easily button up without straining or gaping.
  4. Sleeve lengths correct, quarter of an inch of shirt sleeve showing, slightly more if they have cuffs.
  5. The length of trousers is appropriate – the fashion trend at present is a shorter length only suited to the slim trendy styles, avoid for a classic look.For correct trouser length check out this video.

Care of the Suit

Do not over dry clean, a couple of times a year at most is all that you need, especially a wool suit. Brushing removes particles of dirt and grit that is caught in the fibres of your suit, so brush it after wear.


To look great in a suit remember you need to keep your suit well pressed, clean and hang it up each night. Steam your suit to help creases drop out. When away consider hanging it in the shower after you have used it but ensure you do not get it wet. Stubborn creases may need an iron, but remember to use a damp cloth over the fabric. Don’t fasten the bottom button of a waistcoat or jacket. Clean shoes, clean nails and hair must look great to complete your look!


Always wear a belt if your trousers have hoops and the belt should match the colour of your shoes. Choose a tie knot that suits the shirt collar .

My next blog will cover more information on choosing a tie.


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