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Do you think you need a change with your looks? Do you want to look younger, more up to date, more professional or just different? 

First of all describe with 3 or 4 adjectives how you would like to come across to people? Then ask yourself what specific things would you like to change about your wardrobe?

  • Do you need a change of hair style or if a woman a change of make up?
  • Are the styles of clothes you wear flattering your figure and up to date?
  • Are the colours of clothes you wear complimenting your skin, making you look radiant?
  • Do you feel good in your clothes?
  • Do they represent who you truly are?


We can all get into a rut and buy from the same place or wear the same thing. Why not get another point of view, ask a professional, an image consultant. Appearance Management will help you adjust your wardrobe. It doesn’t need to cost a lot it may only need a few adjustments by changing what you wear with what, or adding some new accessories. Learn to dress well consistently and obtain the respect you deserve.  Have a wardrobe of clothes you enjoy which doesn’t have to be huge; in fact it is better to have a small selection that you can mix and match which suits your lifestyle and personality.

Let me know what you think and what issues you have with your wardrobe?

Information – Apart from her hands-on style consultations, Angela Marshall  presents seminars for corporate customers and is an excellent public speaker. She is also and author and has  published two books on the subject of wardrobe personality. “A little extra time spent on your look makes a big difference and will help you stand out from the crowd “she comments, “it’s easy to gain an understanding of what suits you – and can seriously improve your life!”

Audrey Hepburn – A Gamine Personality

By Angela, 4th Dec 2009

A collection  of Audrey Hepburn’s gowns are going on auction next week. This was a lady with very gamine physique and wardrobe personality. Her style was simple and elegant, neat and compact who always looked precise.  A gamine is good with detail and likes things that interest her to be perfect. She likes her own way, is generally determined and can be obstinate.

To find out about  wardrobe personality you or your partner are  purchase Being Truly You – Discovering Your Own Unique Wardrobe Personality for men or for women. There are 10 wardrobe personalities with a question and answer section together with a chapter with what brands will suit you, styles and accessories. Angela Marshall of Appearance Management is unique with the 10 wardrobe personalities.

Looking Good and Feeling Good

By Angela Marshall, 30th Sep 2009

People often complain about how they look and feel and yet are not prepared to do anything about it, particularly women. They will often buy the same things that are already sitting in the back of their wardrobe or purchase items that make them feel worse about themselves. Men will avoid shopping and purchasing clothes as they don’t feel good in and pretend they don’t care about their appearance. Understanding your wardrobe personality is the first step to feeling good. The second is understanding what styles suit your body shape and compliment you. It is not about being fat or too thin. More about wearing the right clothes to suit your shape and proportion, wearing the wrong styles will not compliment you whatever your shape and size. Thirdly wearing the correct shades of colours will help you look bright and healthy. Finally sort, organise and plan your wardrobe before you shop. You will save so much more money and be happer with a well planned wardrobe.

Since becoming an image consultant, 14 years ago, I am much happier with my wardrobe and feel and look who I truly am – “Being Truly You”. The title of my book for men and women on wardrobe personality.

Start changing your life, feeling and looking good helps you to be more confident.

“Appearance Managementfocuses on getting you to look, feel and be your very best”

Learn more and watch our video   watch?v=AKdDhM_1Z-Y 

Wimbledon – Uniform of Line Judges

By Angela Marshall, 30th Jun 2009

This year the players at Wimbledon have brought a variety of styles of fashion to the courts. However the group of people that are most disppointing are the line judges’ outfits which were changed in 2006. The styles are not complimentary to the majority of their shapes. They are emphasising their tummies and in many cases thighs and thick waist. Many of the judges are middle aged and the styles need to be able to adapt to their different figure shapes and yet keeping it looking as uniform.  The lengths of skirts are finishing at the least flattering place, mid calf. This surprises me as they were designed by Ralph Lauren as part of a £6million deal, so you would have expected something in keeping with the people who wear the clothes.

As an image consultant, Angela Marshall of Appearance Management, I would be happy to give them advice for far less money and they would look and feel good amount the clothes.

Wimbledon – Stylish Women Players

By Angela, 30th Jun 2009

Many players have followed Roger Feder’s example and are looking  very stylish this year at Wimbledon. They are wearing clothes that reflect thier wardrobe personality  e.g. Serena Williams, Elena Dementieva and Maria Sharapova. There are however several players who are emphasising their weaker body shape areas such as tummies and midriff. They need to understand the best styles to compliment their bodyshape and they will  look and feel loads better in the outfits.

As an image consultant, Angela Marshall of Appearance Management, I would be happy to give them advice for far less money and they would look and feel good amount the clothes.


Many people including John Alexander, are appalled by the decision of the All England Club to take the physical appearance of women into consideration when planning their schedule for Centre Court matches at Wimbledon and I have to agree.

As an image consultant(Angela Marshall of Appearance Management) who helps people to make the most of their Appearance.Says ” I always say “Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder” and therefore we shouldn’t judge who is the best looking. However, being well groomed and well presented is important as we don’t like to look as poorly presented people. As a fan of tennis and regularly go to Wimbledon the key think I like is that people go to watch good tennis and enjoy players who look well presented, play extremely well and are fighters. Unlike Ascot were so many go to have a good time and get drunk. The best players need to be split amongst the top main courts so that the top paid spectators have a good chance of seeing good tennis. Being on No 1 court this year there was some very stylish players e.g. Dementieva and Kulikova.

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