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Having a Great Wardrobe – Step Five

By Angela Marshall, 10th Oct 2013


A Great Wardrobe – Step Five

Over the last five weeks I have covered how to have a great wardrobe.  When you have completed the stages you should find you have clothes to suit your lifestyle and budget. Most of you should also have less clothes. However, some of you who have been rather poor in the past at keeping a wardrobe of clothes, may well find you have some more clothes but newer and better.  Remember! Having a great wardrobe is an ongoing project and it should always be looked at each season and very importantly whenever you change your lifestyle.

Here are some key reminders:

1.    Sort your wardrobe at least twice a year and get rid of old and unworn items.

2.    Check what you have in the wardrobe before you start shopping for the season.

3.    Go shopping with a plan or at least an idea of what you have and need.

4.    Love it madly, need it badly or don’t buy it.

5.    Cost per wear – the more you wear it the cheaper it becomes. So an expensive item can turn out a lot cheaper than a cheap item worn once.

Finally ensure you understand your wardrobe personality so that you feel good in your clothes as well as look good. Often people have items in their wardrobe they don’t wear and wonder why. Most of the time it is due to the style and fabric not suiting their personality.

For example, a casual personality is happy in linen even though it creases, whilst a classic would feel uncomfortable and prefer jersey or cotton that does not crease.

Romantics love colour, fancy detail and accessories, whilst classics look for simple timeless styles that are of good quality.

For more read my books:

Being Truly You – Discovering Your Own Unique Personality for Men

Being Truly You – Discovering Your Own Unique Personality for Women

I leave you with an added thought – “You are never fully dressed until your wear a smile”, so remember to smile. Why? It creates happiness in the home, fosters goodwill in business, is the sign of friendship and sunshine to the sad.

Next week I will cover “When is the Best Time to Shop”.


In today’s competitive world doing a good job is what you are paid for, but looking stylish and giving that little bit extra will make the difference and help you to stand out from the crowd in a positive way.

Ask yourself:

  • How well do I represent my business and job with my appearance?
  • How well dressed am I today and how well are you representing your business brand?
  • Do you look good every day, not some days  (you need to show you are consistent in your appearance, as it indicates you are with your work).
  • Who are you and what type of business do you represent – creative, conservative, trendy or more relaxed in style.

I have been an image consultant , running my own business Appearance Management, for 15  years and help people with their personal image. I have written  books, “Being Truly You – Discovering your Own Unique Wardrobe Personality “, one for men and one for women,  which has a questionnaire so that you can work out your wardorbe personalities, often one more in work and one more in your personal life.

For more information check out wardrobe personality or to order a copy of my book Being Truly You.

Audrey Hepburn – A Gamine Personality

By Angela, 4th Dec 2009

A collection  of Audrey Hepburn’s gowns are going on auction next week. This was a lady with very gamine physique and wardrobe personality. Her style was simple and elegant, neat and compact who always looked precise.  A gamine is good with detail and likes things that interest her to be perfect. She likes her own way, is generally determined and can be obstinate.

To find out about  wardrobe personality you or your partner are  purchase Being Truly You – Discovering Your Own Unique Wardrobe Personality for men or for women. There are 10 wardrobe personalities with a question and answer section together with a chapter with what brands will suit you, styles and accessories. Angela Marshall of Appearance Management is unique with the 10 wardrobe personalities.

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