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Do you think you need a change with your looks? Do you want to look younger, more up to date, more professional or just different? 

First of all describe with 3 or 4 adjectives how you would like to come across to people? Then ask yourself what specific things would you like to change about your wardrobe?

  • Do you need a change of hair style or if a woman a change of make up?
  • Are the styles of clothes you wear flattering your figure and up to date?
  • Are the colours of clothes you wear complimenting your skin, making you look radiant?
  • Do you feel good in your clothes?
  • Do they represent who you truly are?


We can all get into a rut and buy from the same place or wear the same thing. Why not get another point of view, ask a professional, an image consultant. Appearance Management will help you adjust your wardrobe. It doesn’t need to cost a lot it may only need a few adjustments by changing what you wear with what, or adding some new accessories. Learn to dress well consistently and obtain the respect you deserve.  Have a wardrobe of clothes you enjoy which doesn’t have to be huge; in fact it is better to have a small selection that you can mix and match which suits your lifestyle and personality.

Let me know what you think and what issues you have with your wardrobe?

Information – Apart from her hands-on style consultations, Angela Marshall  presents seminars for corporate customers and is an excellent public speaker. She is also and author and has  published two books on the subject of wardrobe personality. “A little extra time spent on your look makes a big difference and will help you stand out from the crowd “she comments, “it’s easy to gain an understanding of what suits you – and can seriously improve your life!”

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