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A common concern many people have in obtaining a job or promotion at work is their lack of confidence which they feel will hold them back in a competitive job market.

10 tips on how to overcome this:

  1. Visualise yourself in the job and how good you will be. Think positive!
  2. Dress well to suit the position and ensure you feel as well as look good (be comfortable in your clothes). Dress for the job you want not the one you’ve got!
  3. Think positively and imagine yourself in the role.
  4. Good Body Language – Stand, walk and sit with upright posture, hold your head up high and give a firm and positive handshake.
  5. Smile! It relaxes the face and helps you feel more relaxed plus it helps build rapport with the person/s you are seeing
  6. Speak clearly, concisely and with confidence.
  7. Practise in front of a mirror.
  8. Remember to use 2 ears and 1 mouth, so listen attentively to what the interviewer or bosses say, but ask questions.
  9. Don’t be overwhelmed by the person’s position, remember they are human and can make mistakes just like you.
  10. Be yourself!

Finally, if you don’t know the answer to questions, don’t be afraid to say so or ask them to clarify what they mean. Sometimes it is the company jargon or their explanation that you haven’t understood.

Have some Goals

It is important to set yourself some goals, so that your self esteem and confidence grows. When you achieve your goals continue to give yourself some more. If you fail at anything put it down to experience, try again or move on. Regularly look at your goals, and if needed identify what skills you’ll need to achieve them and check out how you can obtain these skills.  Most importantly believe in yourself and your abilities and you will be surprised how well you will achieve them!


Interviews: Making a Good Impression

By Angela Marshall, 30th Sep 2009

I have recevied feedback from several employers about obvious mistakes people are making when attending interviews. Some of theses mistakes, it seems,  people just don’t think what image they are portraying to the interviewer, particularly students out of university. As an image consultant I am quite shocked, or should I be, what bad manners people have?  Here are some tips:

10 Do’s

  1. Shake hands firmly with the interviewer at the beginning and end of the interview
  2. Good posture, give eye contact, smile and relax in the chair but don’t slouch
  3. Make sure you know where any documents you need are and the order they are in
  4. Adhere to the employer’s dress code, check out the company’s dress code beforehand
  5. Be smart – dress slightly better than you would if you were an employee
  6. Cover up tattoos and remove body jewellery
  7. Listen carefully to the current question and try to give short and concise answers with examples
  8. Speak clearly and loudly (no too loudly) and try not to speak too fast
  9. Know your CV

10 Don’ts

  1. Chew gum or eat garlic beforehand, ensure you have a fresh breath
  2. Turn off your mobile and ensure you do not take any text or phone messages whilst in the interview (it has been known)
  3. Have dirty, scruffy shoes
  4. Look worried, or have a poor posture
  5. Wear creased clothes
  6. Have dirty hair, nails or hands
  7. Ask for the toilet the minute you arrive for the interview, ensure you go before you announce your arrival or ask the receptionist to give you a minute to go
  8. Mutter, interrupt and not listen to the interviewer
  9. Turn up late and not apologise
  10. Be arrogant

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