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People at lift shutterstock_16813015I find it quite interesting what messages people give out with their body language when travelling in a lift with other people, particularly when people arrive first thing in the morning for work.

A few years ago I ran workshops for an outplacement agency and they were mostly run on a Monday. It was a large building and I would arrive early to prepare for the day and many of the staff would join me in the lift. Some looked like they had a hangover, others full of energy to start the day whilst others were in their cycle kit and looked either fit or worn out. What was particularly interesting was who said “Good morning”, who avoided eye contact, who looked at their mobile phones or had their ear plugs in.

There are many reasons that people behave differently in a lift: some do not like being in a small space with others and feel restricted; others prefer not to communicate at all.

The ability to socialize, communicate and interact in the office is more important than ever. It is a great opportunity to take advantage of networking and to socialise with other colleagues in the company. You never know when it will become useful to know what is going on in the company or when there is an opportunity for promotion. It also creates a friendly atmosphere so that people will remember you in a positive way.

Body Language

Even just eye contact and a smile can make a great difference and it is better to be known as a warm friendly person. People will remember you in a favourable way and it can improve business relationships and improve your interaction with other people. If you are a boss, take the opportunity to show you are a warm friendly person. It will pay dividends.

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