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Having a Great Wardrobe – Step Five

By Angela Marshall, 10th Oct 2013


A Great Wardrobe – Step Five

Over the last five weeks I have covered how to have a great wardrobe.  When you have completed the stages you should find you have clothes to suit your lifestyle and budget. Most of you should also have less clothes. However, some of you who have been rather poor in the past at keeping a wardrobe of clothes, may well find you have some more clothes but newer and better.  Remember! Having a great wardrobe is an ongoing project and it should always be looked at each season and very importantly whenever you change your lifestyle.

Here are some key reminders:

1.    Sort your wardrobe at least twice a year and get rid of old and unworn items.

2.    Check what you have in the wardrobe before you start shopping for the season.

3.    Go shopping with a plan or at least an idea of what you have and need.

4.    Love it madly, need it badly or don’t buy it.

5.    Cost per wear – the more you wear it the cheaper it becomes. So an expensive item can turn out a lot cheaper than a cheap item worn once.

Finally ensure you understand your wardrobe personality so that you feel good in your clothes as well as look good. Often people have items in their wardrobe they don’t wear and wonder why. Most of the time it is due to the style and fabric not suiting their personality.

For example, a casual personality is happy in linen even though it creases, whilst a classic would feel uncomfortable and prefer jersey or cotton that does not crease.

Romantics love colour, fancy detail and accessories, whilst classics look for simple timeless styles that are of good quality.

For more read my books:

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I leave you with an added thought – “You are never fully dressed until your wear a smile”, so remember to smile. Why? It creates happiness in the home, fosters goodwill in business, is the sign of friendship and sunshine to the sad.

Next week I will cover “When is the Best Time to Shop”.

Personal Grooming – Keeping Shoes Clean

By Angela Marshall, 28th Nov 2012

Keeping Shoes Clean

Over the last month we have had lots of rain in the UK and from seeing on the news the United States have also suffered with horrendous storms.  It means that we often need to change our shoes for walking outside particularly when walking through muddy areas.

Clean Shoes

During wet weather or during snowy winter weather it is important to take extra care that our shoes are kept in good condition.


  1. Good repair – ensure you shoes are in good repair, this includes wellies. Worn rubber soles can cause you to slip in wet or icy weather.
  2. Polishing shoes not only keeps them clean but provides a protective layer that repels water and dirt, keeping your leather shoes impeccably clean and presentable.
  3. Suede shoes – waterproof when new to prevent suede and nubuck from becoming damaged. Use a soft bristled brush or a suede bar to lightly lift away dirt. However, avoid wearing them in very wet weather.
  4. Casual, Sport or Walking shoes – these days often they are suitable to be cleaned in the washing machine. Check label when you purchase them.
  5. Shoe trees – to keep shoes in shape use shoe trees and when damp use newspaper.
  6. Spare kit – keep a shoe cleaning kit in the office to ensure your shoes are kept in supreme condition.
  7. Salt Stains – during the snow you may find your shoes have salt stains. Use equal parts white vinegar and water and dampening a small cloth.  Then use the cloth  to scrub the stained area.

Smelly or Stinky shoes

To avoid bad odour put baking soda into your shoes every night when you take them off. In the morning, take the shoes outside and clap the soles together to get rid of excess powder. Alternatively, use odour-controlling insoles or put your shoes in a sealable plastic bag and put them in the freezer overnight. The cold should kill any fungus or bacteria causing the odour. Always avoid wearing the same shoes two days in a row.

Looking after shoes enables them to last longer and shoes clean and in good condition form part of your personal grooming routine. People notice your shoes!

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Now is a good time to evaluate the clothes in your wardrobe and store the summer clothes you will not wear until next year. If you are planning a warm holiday abroad before next summer, store them until you need them to protect them. Not everyone has the space to keep all their clothes in their wardrobe and even if you do the clothes you wear the most should be accessible.

7 Tips – What to consider for storing your summer clothes

  1. Evaluate the clothes in your wardrobe and decide what you will not require until next summer.
  2. Don’t keep clothes that are worn out.
  3. Repair items before you store them.
  4. Launder or have items cleaned before you put them away.
  5. Store and protect the clothes from dust, moths by covering them in bags or in stackable boxes.
  6. Unworn clothes – don’t fit, don’t like or now too young – give away, donate or sell on eBay.
  7. Clean your storage bags and containers thoroughly before packing the clothes away.

Remember this applies to the rest of the family –  check out your children’s clothes or remind your partner.

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Are you planning on looking smarter and feeling better this year? If so then the first thing you need to do is sort and plan your wardrobe. This doesn’t need to cost money but you will feel a lot better when you have the clothes in your wardrobe you are actually wearing.

As an image consultant I help people to have a wardrobe of clothes that they enjoy and suit their colouring, bodyshape and that represent at their lifestyle and wardrobe personality.

Tips on how to give your wardrobe a makeover:

  1. Take all your clothes out and only put back what you are wearing and enjoy.
  2. Get rid of clothes you do not like or are worn out.
  3. Put the clothes you do not wear but do not want to chuck out into another wardrobe, bin liner or somewhere that isn’t in your wardrobe.
  4. Put your clothes in sections e.g. suits, trousers, shirts, tops, skirts, jumpers etc.
  5. Look at the clothes you have and see how you can mix and match the items.
  6. Make a list of what you need
  7. Don’t forget accessories change your look and an easy way to change or update your clothes

If you need help then contact Appearance Management

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