Take Charge of your Wardrobe

By Angela Marshall, 5th Jan 2011

With the cost of clothes going up as well as everyday expenses it is difficult to have a wardrobe of clothes that suits your budget. Yet it is vital to also look your best for work as well as your social life. By understanding some key points you will achieve a great wardrobe on a budget.

5 Tips on What to Avoid:

  1. Stop overspending on items you do not need
  2. Buying clothes off the cuff, know what you need and plan your wardrobe
  3. Buying clothes that you do not wear and just sit in your wardrobe.
  4. Paying for clothes you cannot afford, paying on credit and being charged interest.
  5. Buying too much of the same items from the same shops.

To look good you do not have to spend lots of money. The key is to identify what you need and where and when to go for items. Understand what suit you, your colouring and fits in with your budget. Often you can get great bargains either in the High Street or online shopping.

 5 Tips on What to Do:

  1. Develop your own style to suit your personality, lifestyle and body shape
  2. Know what shops suit you although check out new ones as well
  3. Recognise when is the best time of year to purchase items to suit your colouring and lifestyle
  4. Keep up to date with offers and new brands
  5. Understand your Wardrobe Personality – what suits you and you enjoy wearing

As an image consultancy company, Appearance Management services can:

  1. Sort, organise your wardrobe to make more use of your clothes and help you plan what you need.
  2.  Inform you what combination of shades of colours will suit you,
  3. What shapes and proportions of styles will compliment your shape
  4. What fabrics, styles and accessories you will enjoy wearing to suit your wardrobe personality
  5. Provide an eshopping service, by receiving regular eshopping newsletters and finding items via online . Often with offers and big discount.

A consultation will explain and help you to have a mix and match wardrobe for your lifestyle and budget. The cost of a consultation will be more than saved. Contact Angela Marshall for further information or if your company requires a Professional Speaker on Personal Image.

 Quote: Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. Albert Einstein,

One Response to “Take Charge of your Wardrobe”

  1. I’m old enough to remember the ‘2 colour rule’ – beyond black and white, only buy clothes in 2 colours, that way, there’ll not the be the problem of ‘oh, that jacket doesn’t match anything I have’ therefore, I have to spend bucket loads to buy items that match the new jacket. I also follow the ‘2 year rule’, ‘if you’ve not worn it in 2 years, you’re unlikely to ever wear it – bin it’.

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