The 10 Reasons and Benefits of an Image Consultation

By Angela Marshall, 20th Jan 2011

 I am often asked, when networking, what are the benefits of a consultation with Appearance Management and who comes to see me. Well here are my responses. Many of my male and female clients come to me because they:

  1. Feel they are in a rut with their clothes and want to look and feel better; make less mistakes with purchases
  2. Have become lazy and sloppy
  3. Need to buy less but look smarter
  4. Need to smarten up for an interview or are not sure what to wear
  5. Are looking for promotion; had promotion
  6. Got divorced or are looking for a partner
  7. Want to update their style, what styles best suit them
  8. Are lacking in confidence and low self-esteem
  9. Wear too much black or lack confidence with what  colours are best suited to them
  10. Are appearing in the media  or have  speaking engagements 


 Benefits of a consultation

  1. Fresh ideas – Use the wardrobe of clothes in different ways
  2. Look healthier and brighter in the correct shades of colour
  3. Buy less but mix and match items so feel you have more
  4. Understand what suits you and brings out your personality
  5. Look good and feel confident on a budget
  6. More confident to do the things you want to do in life
  7. Have a wardrobe of clothes to suit your lifestyle
  8. Buy the right clothes to suit you and your lifestyle; avoid mistakes when shopping
  9. Know where and when are the best times of year to shop to suit you
  10. Save money on purchases via Appearance Management eshopping (internet shopping service)

Why not email or telephone to arrange for a free 20 minute chat on how Appearance Management can help you.

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  1. Your blog provides a fresh look at the subject. Great job mate!

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