The Importance of Dressing to Suit our Personal Image and Brand

By Angela Marshall, 31st Oct 2012

As an image consultant I regularly mention how we all judge people within the first few seconds of meeting on appearance, voice, mannerism and behaviour. Your personal image is a picture of you; your image is like an advertisement. What you see on the outside is an indication of what is available on the inside.

Your image is something that tells the world about who you are, therefore it should be impressive enough to capture the attention of the beholder.

The way we dress, how well groomed we are, our tone of voice, our body language and how we behave all give out messages about the type of person we are.

The Language of Clothes

The items of clothes we wear are indications of our personal identity, reflecting our age, sex, culture and personality. Whether you are interested in the language of clothes or not, you will find that you first notice (either consciously or unconsciously) how a person looks. Our posture and dress give out messages and if someone mirrors our own style we deduce they have similar attitudes, beliefs and values to ourself. We are therefore more inclined to relate to people of similar style.

It is important that we dress our best, in a style that reflects our personality and that we feel comfortable and confident in, so we show the world who we truly are.


  • How do you want to represent yourself?
  • Do your clothes fit you well?
  • Are you well groomed?
  • Do you give out positive body language ( good posture, smile, eye contact)?
  • Do you speak with confidence?

Why look average when you don’t have to. It is important to stand out from the crowd, but in a positive way?

What you look like affects your reputation as well as your business or employer’s reputation.

Imagine you are on a poster, what message do you want to give out and then check yourself in the mirror each day before you go to work, or visit friends and family, and see if you give out the message you really want to.

If you need some advice or help then call me and I will advise you how I can help.

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