The New Season is a Good Time to Start Networking – 7 tips

By Angela Marshall, 8th Sep 2010

The new season is a good time to start networking or joining new network groups. We all need to network whether looking for a job or business, whether self employed or employed; we are all in competition in business. 60% of people looking for a job find their job through friends, family or contacts.

Networking is a way of developing our awareness of other businesses and building our knowledge  and understanding of what they do and how we may work together.  It helps us to develop, appreciate and understand what is involved in other professions.

It is important to try various network groups which will help to understand what is your style of networking and what types of groups are suited to you and your business.

  1. Have Presence – have a good personal image – good posture (stand upright), look smart and make sure you feel good as well as look good in your clothes. Dress to suit your business and your personality.
  2. 3PS – be prepared, be polished and present a good one minute presentation.
  3. One Minute Introduction – speak slowly, clearly and concisely. Advice people who you are, what your business is and mention what you are looking for and need help with.  Ensure you are aware how much you can say in one minute adn do not rush it. A short message will be remembered!
  4. Smile –  a sign of friendship and people are more likely to warm to you.
  5. Be engaged – show interest in others, be aware of people and join in conversations. Avoid spending too much time talking about your business; get to know people and their business.
  6. Repeat Names – people like to hear their name.
  7. Be Polite and Be Yourself – respect others, be well-mannered and be yourself.

Remember! You are always networking wherever you are, so make certain you look the part, feel the part and think the part to represent you and your business at their best!


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