The Office Party – Make a Positive Impact

By Angela Marshall, 7th Dec 2011

It’s the time of year when you socialise with your colleagues and an opportunity to show what you are like outside work. Make sure you have a positive impact with your colleagues and bosses. Have good manners, have a great appearance and enjoy  the event or at least look like you are! Show your sense of humour, be a good listener as well as talk, smile and be happy.

Manners: If you are talking a partner ensure you introduce them to your colleagues and find topics they may have in common so they can chat comfortably.  Allow your partner to feel part of the event, as it is good for everyone. Have good table manners and be polite at all times.

Appearance: Wear something fashionable (doesn’t need to be high fashion) to show you are modern but still be professional. It doesn’t need to be boring. First of all consider what type of event it is. Is it a full black tie event, fun party, dinner, dinner and disco or a lunch time event from work.

10 Tips for Women:

  1. Avoid low cut and too short an outfit
  2. Choose a style that compliments the best area of your body e.g. waist, legs, neck and chest
  3. Cover the areas that are your weakest e.g.  tops of arms, waist, legs above the knee
  4. Add interesting accessories to reflect your personality
  5. Wearing  a simple black dress? Then add coloured tights , colourful scarf  or a simple pendant
  6. Wear makeup that reflects your personality  e.g. sparkly, simple and elegant or dramatic and bold
  7. Choose shoes that are comfortable and you can walk in
  8. Hair – ensure it’s clean and refresh, wear it up, full or curly to suit your face. Test it out before the event
  9. Nails – chose a polish to suit your outfit, wear a neutral or  French polish or give yourself  a simple neat manicure
  10. Have a fresh breathe – clean teeth

7 Tips for Men:

  1. Wear something different to the party that you don’t wear to the office
  2. Try a new colour shirt, pattern shirt or fancy cardigan
  3. Wear some cufflinks to reflect your personality
  4. Wear different shoes to work e.g. oxblood, brown  loafers
  5. Hair – ensure it is clean, neat and tidy. Adapt the style if possible
  6. Be well groomed – clean nails and shoes
  7. Have a fresh breathe

Enjoy the party, smile and have fun. However remember it is a work’s event so don’t over indulge  on the drink and food. You will have to face your colleagues again.  Remember others may have a camera!

2 Responses to “The Office Party – Make a Positive Impact”

  1. Chris Hunt says:

    Angela – Timely advice, thank you. You say to remember that it is a work event, and that is especially important if clients have been invited as well as staff. I remember an office event I attended a few years ago, where a young graduate sadly drank too much and had a very frank and loud exchange with a senior Partner…The following day the graduate was sacked due to his behaviour.

  2. Hi Chris,
    Thanks for your comment, seems you have had a colleague who has sadly experienced the outcome of bad behaviour.

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