The Social Season – Have Good Style and Good Manners

By Angela Marshall, 17th Jun 2014


Royal Ascot Queen arriving

The summer social season has arrived with Royal Ascot starting this week and it is always pleasurable to attend many of the events, whether for personal or business reasons.  However, it’s important to know the dress code rules for each event and to wear something you feel comfortable and confident in. Ensure you give sufficient thought and allow sufficient time when choosing what to wear for the day.

Mixing with people can be intimidating, if you are not used to it, but having good manners can go a long way. Good manners stand out and get noticed particularly at social events, people may not comment but you will be remembered in a decisive way for being polite and caring.

Good Style tips to consider:

  1. Rules – ensure you know the dress code for the event – the website will advise you
  2. Outfits – avoid too tight, too short or all items too bright
  3. Hats – for a plain outfit choose an elaborate hat, for a patterned outfit choose a plain hat, choose one to suit your size and face shape  and ensure your hat is securely fastened on your head.
  4. Wear suitable shoes – choose comfort as well as style to suit the outfit; avoid high stiletto heels on grass
  5. Dress rehearsal – try on the whole of your outfit with accessories before the day
  6. Jewellery – less is more, look elegant and avoid too much bling!
  7. Weather – the British weather is unpredictable, review the forecast and be prepared

Manners tips to remember:

  1. Ps and Qs – please and thank you
  2. Listen when people are talking, avoid interrupting
  3. Consider other people’s feelings; treat others as you wish to be treated
  4. Don’t speak loudly in public or use poor language to anyone
  5. Say “excuse me, please” when you need to pass someone
  6. Table manners can ruin your image; make sure you look and act the part.
  7.  Be well dressed, well groomed and appropriate for the occasion

What to avoid:

One of the biggest faux pas, in a social event, is drinking too much and leaving late, a common but deadly occurrence. We can all make mistakes but if you are rude it is a key thing to apologise and remember to avoid doing it again.

Finally  Smile – look happy, socialise and enjoy, a smile is welcoming and friendly and helps socially as well as professionally.

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