Tips and Ideas on What to Wear to a Wedding

By Angela Marshall, 11th Nov 2013


What to wear to a wedding is no longer simple, as it is becoming increasingly popular to get married on a beach, at a hotel, in the country.  The wedding could be bohemian, vintage or a traditional style in a church.

What to consider

Firstly, consider what type of wedding this is – formal, ultra formal, traditional or themed e.g. Celtic with kilts.  Secondly is it in a hot climate, in the city or the country?

Where is it being held –  in a church, a hotel, on the beach or abroad.

What time of day – do you need a hat if it’s a formal mid-day wedding or if early evening then no hat but possibly a fascinator.

Whatever the type of eventthink of maximum impact with minimal spend. Don’t overspend on an outfit you will not wear again. Tip: Quality accessories make an average outfit more expensive plus can jazz up an outfit.

How to look good whatever the occasion:

  1. Be well groomed – clean and well pressed clothes, manicured nails, hair neat and tidy, perfectly polished shoes
  2. Fits well – ensure the outfit fits you  and suits your shape and colouring. Have alterations where needed.
  3. Quality Accessories – hat, jewellery, shoes, bag, cufflinks. Adds quality to a less expensive outfit.
  4. Prepare – Ensure you outfit is comfortable for sitting, dancing, day to evening
  5. Look feminine for women and a gentleman for men – something appropriate that shows respect for your hosts and that suits you
  6. Try everything on before the day and check out it all tones in
  7. Extrasensure you have extra hosiery for emergency

Finally look in the mirror before you leave and when you attend the conveniences during the event.

What not to Wear

  1. Wearing all white if the bride is wearing white or all black outfit if during the day
  2. Too short or too sexy
  3. Too revealing  – no bra and plunging neckline, thong or underwear on show
  4. Too casual or sloppy – wear appropriate fabrics e.g. no jeans, linen that creases and looks like a rag
  5. If a formal event – no short sleeve shirt
  6. Avoid sequins and sparkle in the daytime as you will look overdressed
  7. Poorly groomed – poor nails, unkempt hair, dirty or scuffed shoes


Ideas for outfits:

  • Beach  – Women – colourful dress, short or maxi. Men – a smart shirt, with colour, possibly a jacket or tuxedo depending on occasion and time of day
  • Informal Daytime: Women – short dress, trouser outfit. Men – suit, smart trousers and shirt with a jacket
  • Semi-Formal Daytime: Women – short dress, skirt or trouser suit.  Men – smart suit or trousers and jacket and tie
  • Formal Daytime: Women – short dress and coat or suit, hat & gloves. Men – dark suit, white or coloured shirt with toning smart tie
  • Informal Evening: Women – short cocktail or maxi dress. Men – suit or jacket, coloured shirt with no tie
  • Semi-formal Evening: Women – cocktail  or maxi dress and smart jewellery. Men – smart coloured shirt, dark suit and coloured tie
  • Formal Evening or Black-Tie: Women – glamorous long or short cocktail with sparkly accessories and a wrap. Men – a dark suit or a black tux with white shirt and black bow tie
  • Ultra-formal or White Tie: Women – long evening gown, quality sparkle jewellery (especially diamonds). A glamorous wrap or furs. Men  –  a black tuxedo, white shirt, possibly white waistcoat and white tie, cumberband ( not with waistcoat) and patent shoes.

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