Tips for Buying Presents

By Angela Marshall, 20th Nov 2012

It is not always easy to know what to buy for someone and it is important to remember when purchasing them a present to think about their personality, not yours. A present does not have to cost a lot but some thought will go a long way.

Buying Presents

When funds are tight make sure you buy something useful or give them a voucher from their favourite shop or somewhere they are likely to shop. Buy what they need rather than what they wish for. Often a bottle of champagne, smoked salmon or a bottle of wine can be a thoughtful gift.

Suggestions on what to consider:

  1. Think about what their hobbies and interests are.
  2. Think about what the person buys for him or herself .
  3. Don’t guess the size of clothes, try to find out.
  4. Ask an assistant, family or friend for help.
  5. Keep your ears open, the person may give hints.
  6. Check if the person has any allergies e.g. skin care items, bath products.
  7. Decide on a budget and keep to it!


If you haven’t got time to shop in the High Street then shopping online is a brilliant saver in time, money and ideas. Often there are discounts, but allow enough time for delivery, I offer an eshopping service to clients with ideas and links about clothes for themselves or for the family.


Don’t forget to take off the price tag and remove the receipt from bags. Keep the receipt just in case you need to return the item or exchange it.

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