Tips for Packing for Your Summer Holidays

By Angela Marshall, 23rd Jul 2013


It’s the time of year when many people are off on their summer holiday. How good are you at packing? Depending on your wardrobe personality some will be better than others. People with Romantic personality always want to take too much and want too many shoes, whilst casual dresses will put the bare minimum.

If you are travelling abroad on a budget airline then you will be restricted to the amount of luggage.

Here are some suggestions to help you pack:


  1. Choose neutral tones of key items e.g. trousers, shorts, skirts to mix and match with coloured tops.
  2. Separates   save space as you can mix and match.
  3. 1/2 Jersey dresses (day and maxi) can fold away and less likely not to crease.
  4. Underwear pouch with  your undies, take enough for each day or wash whilst there.
  5. A simple white blouse for evening to go with your trousers/skirts
  6. An elegant kaftan is ideal to wear as a cover up in the day or with added jewellery in the evening.
  7. Buy travel size or purchase at the airport after going through security saves room in the case. Include washing powder.
  8. Two pairs of shoes preferably – flats for walking and heels plus flip flops.
  9. Swimwear two or three max, mix and match bikinis or use swimwear as tops.
  10. Accessories – sunglasses in hand luggage and ensure you protect them. A pashmina for evenings and travelling, few necklaces that mix and match to dress items up.


  1. Bottoms e.g. trousers, shorts  – choose neutral tones to mix and match with coloured tops.
  2. A simple long sleeved  shirt, white and/or colour, that go easily with your bottoms for evening.
  3. Light weight underwear, preferably 2/3 pair plus the pair you wear to go.
  4. Socks – sports
  5. Two pairs of shoes (walking and evening) and flip flops.
  6. Two swimming shorts that can be doubled as shorts plus trunks if suited.
  7. Lightweight jeans or chinos for smart.
  8. Buy travel size toiletries or purchase at airport, can save room in luggage. Include washing powder.
  9. Adaptor plug for shavers.
  10. Accessories – sunglasses, ensure you pack them safe with soft items in the middle or in your hand luggage. Hat, scarf, leather belt and money belt.

Travelling – think what to travel in that will add to your packed clothes, add some jewellery. Choose a bulky jacket or raincoat, if you want to take one and a good size handbag for items with a small one inside for evening.

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