Tips on Etiquette & Manners – Being Polite

By Angela Marshall, 3rd Feb 2012

Manners Matter!

Etiquette and Manners are included as part of Appearance Management personal image workshops. Good manners are invisible, subtle, silent and effortless and what is important is knowing what to do, when to do it, and how to do it.  It is about putting other people at ease, about being friendly and using them every day.

Instead of “Casual Friday” I think we should have ” Etiquette Friday.”

Points to think of:

  1. Respect other people’s space, time, privacy and priorities.
  2. Always return telephone calls, if necessary leave a message on voicemail. Speak slowly and clearly. How good is your voicemail message?
  3. Where possible avoid loud rings or conversation on mobiles in public places.
  4. Remember to be courteous to people at all times, including colleagues and visitors e.g. offer a drink, take a coat.
  5. Keep your promises or at least go back and update people.
  6. Introductions, general rule of thumb – juniors to seniors.
  7. Table manners can ruin your image, make sure you look and act the part.

Why not pass this message on to your friends and colleagues and start “Etiquette Friday” this week as being polite is good for everyone.

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