Tips on Having a Professional Image

By Angela Marshall, 3rd Jan 2012

Appearance Management Tips on Having a Professional Image

As a speaker and professional image consultant I like to give people some food for thought on how to make the most of them self . Looking good and feeling good gives you confidence but there is a lot more to having a professional image.  Here is a taste of what I speak about.

We all have a personal image and personal style and we all have a personal choice on how we decide to dress and how we behave. We may not be able to change our physical characteristics as we were born with them but we can chose how we wish to dress and how we wish people to relate to us. Always go to work dressing to suit your company’s image and brand and still reflecting your own individual personality.

12 Tips to consider:

  1. Always make the most of yourself particularly when going to work and meeting people, as it shows respect to them as well as yourself.
  2. Always be well mannered and considerate to others, whoever they are and wherever they come from.
  3. Treat others as you wish to be treated.
  4. Be considerate and help people when needed e.g. help colleagues when they are not sure what to do and you do; open the door for someone carrying a lot of goods.
  5. Give positive body language e.g. have good posture, head up, give eye contact, good handshake  and smile.
  6. Dress appropriately for every occasion whether informal or formal.
  7. Be consistently well groomed and well-dressed.
  8. Make sure you are up to date in fashion, although not necessarily high fashion. An out of date dresser indicates an out of date attitude.
  9. Make sure you are up to date in your profession as knowledge and opinions can change.
  10. Ensure you can make a good presentation and are confident in speaking to a group of people.
  11. Have a supply of business cards to hand out to people who wish to contact you.
  12. Ensure you have an up to date and good photograph for social media and website.

Maximising Your Personal Impact

It doesn’t matter what type of business you are in: a stage performer, doctor, banker, waiter or a shop assistant. Having the appropriate professional image immediately establishes credibility with clients, intermediaries and colleagues. Getting it right, at the outset, will mark you out as a highly accomplished and knowledgeable professional.

Your appearance, behaviour and environment indicate how efficient, creative and how much concern you have for others, but whatever your qualities you need to be consistent.

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