Tips on How to Keep Warm in Winter

By Angela Marshall, 5th Jan 2012

During cold weather it is important to ensure you wrap up and keep warm. Wear layers so you can easily add or take off the items too suit the environment. Make sure your wardrobe has the right items of clothes.

10 items to keep you warm:

1. Chunky Knits – this season’s fashionable chunky knits are ideal to keep you warm e.g. Fair Isle,  roll neck to crew neck, wool shawl collar cardigans, cricket sweaters.

2. Skinny knits – ideal for warmth in frosty weather to wear under chunky cardigans and sweaters.

3. Coats – several styles and colours are available and are ideal for keeping you warm in all weathers, including duffle and parkas for less formal wear.

4. Boots and wellies – ideal for snow and walking in muddy woods. My suggestion for women would be to have flat boots to avoid falling or slipping on the ice.  Rubber soles are better for ice and snow to avoid sliding, but ensure your rubber soles are not worn.

5. Hats & Gloves – it is important to keep your head and hands warm.  Wear a hat and gloves that fit to keep you warm. Avoid them being too tight as this reduces your circulation and they will cool faster than if you have some wiggle room. Mittens are warmer than gloves because the heat generated from your fingers is shared. There are many colours and styles on the market. Fingerless gloves offer practicality. Consider what you want them for and what materials you like e.g. wool, leather or Gor-tex for use in the snow and wet.

6. Thermal underwear – ideal to keep you warm, yet you can still wear your favourite items on the top.

7. Scarves – great for keeping you warm indoors and out;  adds colour and style to any outfit. Choose one that reflects your wardrobe personality.

8. Pyjamas, nightdress, bed socks – if you feel the cold at night, these are a must-have.

9. Cashmere- a fine texture, light, soft and strong. Looks great, can be worn with anything and keeps you extremely warm.

10.  Warm socks to keep your feet warm – avoid too tight and too many, like gloves your feet need room. Suggest you avoid cotton as it holds water and perspiration, wear only one pair of synthetic or wool liner socks.

Remember to Drink Water even if it is an ice-cold one as it helps you stay warm. You can become dehydrated, even in the cold, and water helps to keep your blood pumping.  

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