Tips on How to Look after Your Suit

By Angela Marshall, 16th Mar 2012











As an image consultant I regularly advise my clients on what suits to purchase and always recommend they purchase the best quality they can afford and ensure the jacket and trousers fit them correctly. It is also important to then maintain the suit in good order.

A good quality suit costs a lot of money and to make it last it is important that you look after it and keep it maintained in good order.

Here are some tips:

  1. Avoid putting heavy items in the suit pockets as it can strain the joints.
  2. Avoid items in trousers pockets as they will spoil the shape and line of them.
  3. Before you sit down unbutton the jacket and then when seated pull the trousers up  so you don’t pull the fabric too much.
  4. Take your suit off when you get home.
  5. Remove items from the pockets (preferably avoid putting items in trousers pockets in the first place).
  6. Brush to remove dust and dirt.
  7. Hang it on a wooden hanger outside your wardrobe for at least 24 hours to have time to air.
  8. Press the trousers in a trouser press or regularly steam press the creases out.
  9. If the jacket becomes creased hang it in a steamy bathroom , or in your shower after you have showered, ensuring it doesn’t get wet.
  10. Do not wear the suit on consecutive days; natural fibres such as wool need time to recover.
  11. Only dry clean two or three times a year.
  12. If a heavy or light suit is worn in the winter or summer, repsectively, then clean and put away in a suit holdall during the season you do not wear it.

Look after your suit and it will look after you. Being well groomed ensures you look professional at all times.

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