Tips on How to Look Slimmer

By Angela Marshall, 20th Feb 2014

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Over the last month many people have been dieting after the festive season. Sometimes people diet wishing to lose weight in the areas that are not natural to their shape and build. We are not all the same shape. Some women have great legs whilst others have a curvy figure with a naturally slim waist. Understand your body shape and how to wear clothes to compliment it.

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Tips on looking slimmer:

  1. Choose good underwear to suit your figure and avoid the “muffin look” spilling over your waist. Buy the correct size and not too tiny!
  2. Choose styles of clothes to compliment your shape. This applies to men and women. Avoid nipped in waists if this is not your best area and short skirts if your legs are not your strength.
  3. Bring attention to your best areas and camouflage your weaker ones. e.g. Women – empire lines bring attention to your bust and camouflage your middle. Men – layer a shirt and wear a waistcoat to hide your round tummy.
  4. Avoid clothes to big and loose e.g. baggy tops or baggy trousers will make you look bigger.
  5. Avoid clothes emphasising your weakest area e.g. midriff, tummy, thighs, waist or legs.  Be honest about this.
  6. Buy a size to fit the largest part of your body and then have alterations e.g. curvy figure, trousers to fit your thighs and have the waist taken in. Men – a jacket to fit your larger waist and have the shoulders altered.


  • A weight of fabric that suits your frame and size, lighter fabrics for slimmer build, generally mid-weight suits most people.
  • If you have a tummy, avoid pleating around the tummy wear flat front trousers.
  • Wear necklines to compliment you e.g. high necklines suit longer necks, V necklines suit shorter necks.
  • Colour – all one colour will help you to look slimmer and taller
  • Patterns – vertical stripes to look taller and avoid horizontal stripes
  • Materials – some lycra in the fabric will give more comfort and stretch
  • Avoid heavy or chunky fabrics e.g. heavy tweed.


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