Tips on What to Wear for A Professional Presentation

By Angela Marshall, 1st Mar 2011

Have a good appearance as visual presentation is a must.  It is important to be prepared visually as well as mentally, whether you know in advance or are asked ad hoc to do a presentation either to your staff, bosses or clients .

 As companies have got bigger, the world has got smaller, competition has become fiercer, communication within companies and outside to customers is now more important than ever.   Politicians rely on the media.  Senior level management realise they need to communicate directly with their staff. The employees need to communicate to their customers whether it is internal or external. The best way of persuading and influencing people is face-to-face communication – “People buy from People”.

To progress in your career you may need to increase your profile both internally and externally and speaking in public shows great confidence in your personal image. To avoid the opportunity to present to people will negatively affect your career and promotional prospects. When you make a presentation on a particular subject you are not only informing people about a subject but also about yourself.

 What do you wear?

First of all you need to consider, how do I wish to come across? Who are my audience?  How big is the audience and where will I be speaking? Will the room be hot?  Is there air conditioning? Are you there to persuade, convince, reassure or inform the audience?

Good presenters prepare well and this includes your appearance. This is where a well-planned wardrobe can help you, particularly if you are given short notice. If you need to make a presentation unexpectedly, it proves that every day you should be well dressed and well groomed. Always have in you draw or locker – deodorant, hairbrush, hairspray or hair products, shoe cleaner, stain remover and make up (even for men if going on a stage or under lighting – powder)

Ensure your image is in line with your message:

  1. Your outfit suits your Corporate and Personal brand
  2. Make sure you are well groomed e.g. hair neat, no dandruff on collar, items well pressed, no dirty marks
  3. Have some item of clothes with colour to add interest, but do not let it be overpowering e.g. men – tie, shirt; women – blouse, jacket, jewellery
  4. Ensure your accessories do not detract from your image and from you
  5. Final Check – Look in the mirror and check you look great!
  6. Smile!

Always protect your image – give time and some financial investment in your appearance today will look after your opportunities for success tomorrow.

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